Moca is a ceramic research based on a dripping machine. The project comes from the idea to combine technology and craft with a human/natural touch. The machine drips liquid porcelain/earthenware at a certain rhythm which create a new ceramic language.


Moca is a continuous research where we try to push the boundaries of the ceramic world with an innovative technique.



Dripping machine


The liquid clay drips through a nozzle with a specific diameter we can change. The drops fall into a plaster mould placed on the platform which rotates and moves on a X axis. Everything is controlled by arduino.


Through the code we created, we can choose the speed and the movements of the platform, and therefore the ceramic outcome. Our machine is the link between crafts and industries: we can produce the same object at almost an industrial level, however each piece is unique.





Aluminium, Brass, Glass, PLA, Motors, Steel



H: 150 cm, L: 70 cm, W: 45 cm


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