Beyond Craft


From Konya and Istanbul, Turkey to EIndhoven, NL  DDW22

From Ancient Anatolian Crafts to Contemporary Designs, a project initiated by the Turkiye Design Council.

Within this 15-month project from April 2021 to June 2022, five traditional Anatolian crafts were selected as Iznik style ceramics, felt making, quilting, stone carving, and inlaying to be promoted in Europe.

The aim of this project is to spread the examples of ancient values combined with contemporary designs in Turkey and Europe and to carry the Anatolian crafts at risk of disappearance into the future by means of intercultural cooperation. The collaboration between Anatolian craftspeople and European designers will prepare the ground for knowledge transfer to future generations.

Each collaborative product was exhibited in Istanbul and later on in the Netherlands.

We were one of the 10 designers selected to get to reinterpret one of them for a contemporary audience. We were invited to Turkey to join Felt Masters Mehmet Girgic and Salih Girgic in their workshops and to bring to life our proposal "Sunrise, an odd to felt making". 

Sunrise is a modular hanging divider that highlights the naturally dyed colours of the felt. The panels are playing with colour gradients and different heights to be configured in different ways. Sunrise is suitable to be used in restaurants, hotels and offices to divide space and create privacy.

Watch the process videos and the documentaries here