Rise collection 

Eindhoven, NL

April 2019

Rise Collection is a series of textured porcelain elevated by brass volumes. We experimented with our dripping machine to reinvent the borders of the circle. Rise collection suggests its presence through thin ceramic dots. The dots define new areas, voids or limits to offer a landscape with the possibility to display food.

This set was presented for "The Circle" exhibition with Dutch Invertuals at the  Salon Del Mobile in Milan in April 2019 and at the DDW 2019.


Brass and Limoge Porcelain

Colour of the porcelain:



Large platter: Diameter 40cm, Height 3,7cm

Medium display: Diameter 27cm, Height 28cm

Candle Holder: Diameter 14cm, Height 11cm


Possibility to have different colours and textures.

Food safe and separable/portable plates.


made in collaboration with the food designer

MinYoung Korean Food Lab

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