Photography by Ronald Smits / Dutch Invertuals, in Milano


RISE Collection for

'The Circle' Exhibition

Eindhoven, NL - Milan, IT   

October 2019 & April 2019 


Our collection Rise was made for the exhibition ‘The Circle’ created by Dutch Invertuals. It was shown during the Salon Del Mobile in Milan in April 2019 and the Dutch Design week in Eindhoven, in October 2019.


Dutch Invertuals turn to the mother of all forms: the circle, the ultimate symbol of unity, perfection, and infinity. 

In times of division and inequity, the circle stands as an emblem of cooperation and connectivity. We need to re-enter its orbit to find what is fundamental in life. Interpreting the elemental form pushes each Invertual to identify what is essential to them. Each offers their take on this perfect shape.  



Amandine David

Architects of Identity (Edhv)

Baiba Soma

Bram Vanderbeke

Carlo Lorenzetti

Christian + Jade

Daniël de Bruin

Daphna Laurens

Dorian Renard

Floriane Dubreuil

Hongjie Yang

Jelle van Twillert

Jeroen Wand

Martens & Visser

Max Lipsey

Nel Verbeke

Nina van Bart

Raw Color

Satomi Minoshima

Schimmel and Schweikle

Studio Joachim Morineau

Willem van Hooff 


Photography by Boudewijn Bollman / Dutch Invertuals, in Eindhoven